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Electric Bike Tours

Tours range from 1.5 to 2.5 hours in length (5 – 13.5 miles) and are appropriate for most ages and abilities.

Whether you are young or old, are in great physical condition, or you really wish you were, you can take advantage of this amazing tour. This bike’s new technology will help you easily cruise up and down the hills, feeling the breeze on your face and enjoying the splendor of bike riding through the Garden of the Gods. A friendly and knowledgeable guide will lead you to awe-inspiring views, explain interesting park features and history, and maybe even tell a tale or two, just to keep you on your toes (or should we say wheels)!

A variety of e-bike models are available for tours: eye-catching fat tire electric bikes, cool beach cruisers, sleek city commuters, cargo bikes that carry extra passengers (kids or adults), and even our ultra-low step-thru Boomerang cruiser that almost anyone can step over because the bar is only 9” high!

Day-of, In-person reservations may be available, at The Visitor and Nature Center, but we recommend making reservations in advanced. These tours ar available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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E-Bike & Mountain Bike Rentals

Same-day rentals only.

Don’t have a bike, or left yours at home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! From electrically-assisted bikes to help you with the altitude, or mountain bikes that let you breeze up the many hills in the park, bike rentals make seeing the beautiful sights much easier.

If you want to lead your own way through Garden of the Gods, Amp’d Adventures has a variety of e-Bike models, premium quality hardtails, and full-suspension mountain bikes available for rent at The Visitor and Nature Center. We’ll provide a map, some suggested routes and stops, and everything else you need for awe-inspiring rides you will not soon forget! Reserve online, call or drop in to check availability.

Day-of, In-person reservations are available, at The Visitor and Nature Center, depending on weather, activity, and availability on a first-come-first-serve basis, however advanced reservations are recommended.

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Bring Your Own Bike

For visitors with their own bikes, come to the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center Activities Desk before starting your ride. We are happy to supply maps, offer suggested routes and sites to see, and explain park regulations for road biking and off-road mountain biking to help ensure you have an awesome time!

One-way roads in the Park have paved bike lanes. The Garden Drive/Juniper Way loop is about 6 miles with quite a few hills, some as steep as a 15% grade, and the park is at 6400 feet elevation, so appropriate physical condition is necessary for riding standard pedal bikes. Mountain biking is allowed only on designated mountain biking trails, which are shared with equestrian users and hikers.

Mountain Biking Regulations:
  • Stay on the trail when riding or walking your bike.
  • Always yield. Let others know of your presence well in advance.
  • Be cautious, and dismount to walk your bike around blind corners or in areas with poor visibility.
  • Dismount and move to the side when a horse is approaching.
  • Control your speed. Prevent accidents to other trail users and to yourself by riding cautiously and under control.
  • Leave no trace. No shortcuts or cross-country riding. Avoid riding during or after rain or snowstorms. Pack out more than you pack in.
  • Be alert for wildlife. Give them a chance to move away from the trail. It’s their park, too.
Bike Tours are Powred by Amp’d Adventures.
For more details call 719-590-6500

Bike Tour Reviews

See what some of our other guests have said about our biking tours.

“We were at Garden of the God’s for our 10 year anniversary. We did the bike tour with Dwight as our guide. He was awesome! He gave us all the history and facts. He was very kind and always made sure we were enjoying ourselves. He went above and beyond to capture some really cool photos for us. Great experience!”

Rebecca Ley

“We had the BEST time! Our tour guide was Nate! He was a great teacher on how to ride the bikes. He was knowledgeable about the park and its location. Don’t miss this!”

Kristy Donahue

“Such an amazing experience! I have lived in Colorado Springs for years and I was blown away by how much I learned about Garden of the Gods and Colorado Springs on this tour! My tour guide Sean was stellar! He was super knowledgeable, put everyone’s safety first, and had some hilarious jokes! I was a little nervous to ride an e-bike for the first time but Sean did a great job at teaching the group how they worked and gave us a chance to do a test lap before the tour. I’ve never had more fun on a bike before! 10/10 would recommend 👏”

Sophia Reily