Explore the park on Foot

For those looking to get some fresh mountain air without having to travel too far, come explore the 21 miles of trails in the Garden of the Gods. Trails range from beginner to advanced in addition to being paved and dirt.

If you have questions or need suggestions about available trails in the park, visit the information desk located on the 2nd level of the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center.

Our Favorite Hiking Trails at Garden of the Gods


This is an easy, 1.5 mile roundtrip path, with less than a 30-foot rise. This trail is in the heart of the Park at the base of the highest rock formations.


A moderate, 1/2 mile loop, with less than a 100-foot rise in elevation. This path gives you the feeling of being among the rocks.


This is an easy 1-mile roundtrip, with less than a 150-foot rise. There is a unique view of Pikes Peak through the natural window of the twins.


An easy, low-grade, 2.5-mile hike from the naturally surfaced Overflow Parking Lot (located at the main entrance).  Follow the paved Foothills Trail to connect with the paved Gateway Trail.  This trail will cross the road to start the Central Garden Trail where you can explore short loops at the base of the tallest rock formations (1.5 miles total).  Return to the Overflow Parking Lot along the Gateway Trail again.


A moderate trail that loops through the Park. Enjoy the distant views of the Central Garden formations from these rolling, rocky trails.

The Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center
FREE full-color trail maps are available at The Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center information desk.

What our Guests Who Visit The Park Have Said

See what some of our guests have to say about the park and tours

Easy place to visit on your own, or with friends and family. I signed up for the ranger-led tour, a great intro to the park. The Visitor and Nature Center had fantastic views, exhibits, a spacious cafe, an information desk with friendly staff, an interactive scale model, gift shop, and restroom facilities, all wheelchair accessible. The walk from The Visitor and Nature Center to the central “garden” is 10 – 15 min. It’s a city park, it’s free, and its landscape I stunning. If you are short on time, you can drive the loop, stop for photos. I took an Uber from downtown, the cost was $10.


Great place to visit and go for a hike. The visitors center was very crowded, but we were there during Christmas break. The bathrooms were clean. The cocoa was good. The hike was just beautiful. I got some cute stickers for my hydro flask! If you’re a hiker this is a great place to visit!

Private User

An excellent way to see the Garden of the Gods, especially on a hot day or for those less able to get around due to the high altitude. We were also 1st time Segway riders and were quickly able to pick it up with the pre-training our guide gave us. Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.