Geology Exhibits

Travel back in time to see how the park was formed.

Colorado has some of the most diverse geology in the United States. Come and learn more about the rock formations that made The Garden of the Gods famous in our interactive gallery. Wonder at the mistaken identity of one of the rarest dinosaurs in the world found inside the Park!

Then take the Mountain Majesty quiz to test your knowledge, and see how Colorado has moved and changed over millions of years. Don’t forget to explore the Geological Time Tunnel and see the ancient environments that created the many rock layers visible from the Visitor and Nature Center.

Flora & Fauna

See what kind of plants and animals inhabit the park.

From tracks to scat, our Flora and Fauna exhibit tells you all about the different animals and plant life that call The Garden of the Gods home. With creatures like falcons, bears, and bighorn sheep, the park hosts a wide variety of animals. You’ll learn about our animal friends as well as the vast ecosystems within the park.

People & History

Learn about park history and its changes through the years.

The Red Rock People have a strong connection to place. The Nuu-ciu (Ute) people have always called this region home and are the original inhabitants.

Other Native American nations also have connections to the park and this region. Explore our exhibits to learn more about the local history of people and the park. You can even touch a real American Buffalo hide while learning more about how important this animal was.

Theiophytalia Kerri

New Dinosaur Identified at The Garden of the Gods

Take a walk on the wild side and learn about our case of mistaken identity. In 2008, The Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center announced the world’s only known fossil of an entirely new dinosaur species, Theiophytalia Kerri. However, the dinosaur wasn’t always known by that name…