Mountain biking is allowed on designated mountain biking trails in the Garden of the Gods Park. Remember, you will be sharing these trails with equestrian users and hikers.

Mountain Biking Regulations:

  • Stay on the trail when riding or walking your bike.

  • Always yield. Let others know of your presence well in advance. Dismount and move to the side when a horse is approaching. Be cautious, and dismount to walk your bike around blind corners or in areas with poor visibility.

  • Control your speed. Prevent accidents to other trail users and to yourself by riding cautiously and under control.

  • Leave no trace. No shortcuts or cross-country riding. Avoid riding during or after rain or snow storms. Pack out more than you pack in.

  • Be alert for wildlife. Give them a chance to move away from the trail. It's their park, too!

  • The Starlight Spectacular in the Garden of the Gods Park is a nighttime recreational bike ride benefiting the Trails and Open Space Coalition of Colorado Springs. It is the first event of Ridefinders Bike Week each summer.

  • Have FUN!

  • Click Here to view the Bike Trail Map