Commercial Use Frequently Asked Questions


Where do my Commercial Use Permit Fees go?

Commercial Use fees support maintenance, conservation, and public education efforts in Garden of the Gods Park. Funds pass through the non-profit 401(C) 3 Garden of the Gods Foundation in the form of annual grants to the Colorado Springs Parks Recreation and Cultural Services Department to enhance the quality of this National Natural Landmark.

Over $4.3 million dollars from the Garden of the Gods Foundation have contributed to countless conservation and maintenance projects, scientific studies, educational programs and essentials including the new restroom facilities in Garden of the Gods Park.

Thank you to the businesses and organizations for your support in keeping the park pristine for future generations to enjoy!

Do I need a permit for commercial film, photography, or drone use in Garden of the Gods Park?

Yes, there are specific guidelines for commercial film and photography in the park. For detailed information related to commercial film, photography, and drone use please visit: or call (719) 385-5940 for additional information.

How long is my Garden of the Gods Commercial Use Permit valid after being issued?

Annual permits are valid until 12/31 of the year issued and must be renewed on an annual basis. Single Use permits are valid on the date of your scheduled visit or activity.

Does my permit give me exclusivity of the Commercial Use Activity authorized in the Park?

We welcome all visitors to the Garden of the Gods to enjoy access to all open areas of the Park. To make sure that everyone can enjoy the park, your usage of trails, building structures, or equipment may not impede other guests or permitted commercial users. Commercial Use permits are non-exclusive.

If my business has more than one type of commercial use activity, for example: Rock Climbing and Nature Walks, does my commercial use permit apply to both activities?

If you conduct different types of activities, you must apply for separate commercial use permits for each type of commercial use activity. Commercial Users with multiple activity types must be able to provide permits for each activity type upon request, by any authorized Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Representative.

Does my Commercial Use Permit allow me exclusive use of a specific area, trail, or structures in the Park?

Permitted Commercial Users are not given special access to specific areas, trails, buildings, structures, or equipment that will impede the public enjoyment and use of Garden of the Gods Park.

After I have my Commercial Use permit can I use it after park operating hours?

All Commercial Activities must be conducted during scheduled seasonal hours: If there is a scheduled park closure for a permitted special event, commercial use permit holders will temporarily not be allowed in the park during the scheduled event.

I am a Wedding Planner helping clients plan and schedule a wedding in the park. Do I need to apply for a permit?

As a wedding planner you are considered a Commercial User of Garden of the Gods Park. Please follow the application process to obtain your permit and carefully review the guidelines for hosting weddings at this link: Following these guidelines will insure a great visitor experience for everyone.

I am an individual planning a wedding in Garden of the Gods Park, do I need a Commercial Use permit?

Individuals planning a wedding ceremony in the park do not need to apply for a Commercial Use permit. Weddings at the Garden of the Gods Park are allowed provided they are small, brief ceremonies. Please visit this link for specific rules, regulations and requirements of having your wedding in the park:

I am a commercial bus tour company bringing a single group tour though the Garden of the Gods Park, do I need a permit?

Yes. We welcome all group tours to enjoy an unforgettable visit to the iconic Garden of the Gods Park. Commercial group bus tour companies are required to have a single use permit and provide the required insurance to take your guests through the Park. Single event group tour permits are $50 per bus and the application fee is waived for up to eleven tours. If over eleven tours occur in the calendar year an annual use permit is required. See permit fee schedule below.

Group Tour Bus Permit Fees: (Does not included $50 application fee.)

Business Type Single Event Annual Use
For Profit $150 (Multiple Bus) $500 (11+ tours)
Non-Profit $100 (Multiple Bus) $350 (8 + Tours
Single Bus Group Tour (Application Fee Waived) $50 N/A

Additional permit and fee information can be reviewed here:

We encourage all bus tour groups to stop at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature to experience the stunning views, photo ops, interactive exhibits, short film, wonderful shopping, Bean Sprouts Café and clean restrooms. Admission is free.

I am an independent step-on bus guide, do I need to obtain a commercial use permit?

Individuals that are independent step-on bus guides operating their own business must obtain a separate Commercial Use permit for their guide services. If you are an employee of a large tour company, you do not need a permit as the company’s Commercial Use permit covers the insurance requirements for their staff and guides.

Can my commercial use permit be revoked?

In the event that a Commercial Use permit holder does not follow the rules and regulations of the park outlined in the “Terms and Conditions of Commercial Use Permitting in Garden of the Gods Park” they may have their permit revoked by a Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Representative.

If you have questions that are not addressed on our Commercial Use Permits page please email a representative will contact you to answer your question.