Commercial Use Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a permit for commercial film, photography or drone use in Garden of the Gods Park?

Yes. For more information related to commercial film, photography, and drone use in Garden of the Gods Park please visit: or call (719) 385-5940 for information.


How Long is my Garden of the Gods Commercial Use Permit valid after being issued?

Until 12/31 of the year issued. All permits must be renewed annually during the application periods.


Does my permit give me exclusivity of the Commercial Use Activity authorized in the Park?

No. This is a non-exclusive agreement. There may be other commercial use permit holders conducting the same type of commercial use activity at the same time or in the same place. Commercial Use permits are non-exclusive.


If my business has more than one type of commercial use activity, for example: Rock Climbing and Nature Walks, does my commercial use permit apply to both activities?

No. If you conduct different types of activities, you must apply for separate commercial use permits for each type of commercial use and be able to show permits for each.


Does my Commercial Use Permit allow me exclusive use of use a specific area, trail or structures in the Park?

No. Permitted Commercial Users are not allowed special access to specific areas, trails, building structures, or equipment that will impede in any way the publics use of the park.


Where does my Commercial Use Permit Fee go?

All Commercial Use fees benefit Garden of the Gods Park.


After I have my Commercial Use permit can I use it after Park hours?

No. Commercial Activities must be conducted during scheduled seasonal hours: List hours. If there is a park closure for a specific event commercial use permits will not be allowed during the scheduled park event.


I am a Wedding Planner helping clients plan and schedule a wedding in the Park. Do I need to apply for a permit?

Yes. As a wedding planner you will be collecting fees for your services and conducting business inside the park, therefore you will be receiving compensation for the services you provide and must apply for a commercial use permit.  


I am an individual planning a wedding in Garden of the Gods Park, do I need a commercial use permit?

No. Weddings at the Garden of the Gods Park are allowed provided they are small, brief ceremonies. Please visit this link for specific rules, regulations and requirements of holding a wedding in Garden of the Gods Park


Can my commercial use permit be revoked?

Yes. Commercial use permit holders that do not follow the rules and regulations of the park outlined in the “Terms and Conditions of Commercial use Permitting in Garden of the Gods Park” may have their permit revoked by Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Representative at any time for any reason.