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Garden of the Gods Park Commercial Use Permits and Applications

The Purpose of a Commercial Fee: To provide an avenue for commercial park users to participate in the preservation and maintenance of the Garden of the Gods Park.  To better manage commercial use of the park and provide for oversight and resource management and preservation.

Permit Fees will be charged at the time of application and a paid invoice will be sent once your application is approved.

Commercial Use Defined – Any organization is considered to be conducting a commercial activity if it provides goods, services, or activities to the public using the Garden of the Gods Park.  If an individual/organization receives any form of compensation for what they are providing they are considered to be conducting a commercial activity/use. 

Examples include:

  • Guided Rock Climbing
  • Scooter or Segway Rentals
  • Guided Talks, Hikes, and Walking Tours
  • Commercial Bus or Vehicle Tours
  • Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, and E-Assist Bicycle Tours
  • Tours with Any Type of Animal (Llama, Wolves, Dogs, Etc.)
  • Art Workshops
  • Exercise/ Yoga Classes
  • Day Camps and Summer Camps
  • Other Commercial Activities
For information related to commercial film, photography, and drone use, please visit Colorado Springs Parks & Recreation

 Note:  Any organized event of 25 or more individuals must submit the commercial use application for scheduling purposes.  Commercial use or application fees may not apply.

Allowable activities: to be considered for a commercial use permit the activity/use must be appropriate to the mission of the Colorado Springs Parks Recreation & Cultural Services Department, and the Master Plan for the Garden of the Gods Park.

Commercial Use Permits are required for all commercial services provided by a company or organization. Permits are valid for the calendar year only. Organizations will need to reapply and renew each year. All Commercial Use fees benefit Garden of the Gods Park.

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