When no permit is required

Recreational photography: informal photos taken for personal use and enjoyment. 

Professional photography: the photographer is compensated for their work or charged for their services or final product. Photography may include but is not limited to: landscape, still life, senior portraits, family portraits, team portraits, birthday or holiday portraits, prom photos, engagement, and wedding photos. This final product is not used to market a good or service; for example, a car commercial. 

Exception: Rock Ledge Ranch (see below)

pikes peak covered in snow

Drone photography is ONLY permitted with expressed written consent from Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services.

When a permit is required

Commercial:  photos or videos that advertise or market a product, service, event, or destination; real estate photography; non-editorial print or television media; or other commercial uses.

Drone photography: photos or videos taken for any purpose from a drone. Drone photography is prohibited unless you have a permit. (see Drone Policy)

Rock Ledge Ranch: Use of the site for portrait or professional photography requires a permit. Visit RockLedgeRanch.Com for more information.

Apply for a Commercial Film/Photography Permit 

 A Commercial Film/Photography Permit is required for any commercial still or video photography in a City of Colorado Springs public right-of-way or City park.