Archaeology Day & Windy Woes: What a Wild Week!

What a whirlwind of a week we’ve had here at the Visitor & Nature Center! The summer is quickly approaching, and of course, mother nature had to throw us a bit of a curveball to keep us on our toes. Before we get into it all, let’s move through things chronologically to show you just what we mean.

To start, we celebrated our annual Archaeology Day on May 4th, and this saw several of our partners come out to the Garden along with the Pikes Peak chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society for a day of family fun! With educational presentations, information stations, touch tables, and field experts all throughout the building, there was plenty to learn and lots for the whole family to take part in! In all, we had a grand total of 4,149 visitors come in to check out this year’s Archaeology Day, and we’re so grateful for all who came out to take part in the fun! Now that our summer events are getting ready to kick off, it’ll be a while until our next big partner day, but mark your calendars for Fossil Day on October 12th!

In other news, you may have heard about the dramatic windstorms that ripped through the Pikes Peak region over the past few days, and if you’re a resident: we hope that you came out of it unscathed! The Visitor & Nature Center came out ahead of these storms, but we can’t say the same for our power! We, like thousands of others throughout the city, experienced power outages as a result of the weather, and it took a few days before we were back in full working order. As a result, we did have to unfortunately close our doors and delay opening for a few days while we worked out all of the kinks. Now, after some long days and long nights, it’s business as usual! If you intended to stop by the Visitor Center during those outages or were greeted with locked doors and an empty parking lot, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope that you were still able to enjoy some time in the Garden regardless!

And that about does it! In just a matter of days, we go from an exciting and successful annual celebration with gorgeous weather to us bouncing back from some weather difficulties, and we are so appreciative of your patience, understanding, and support throughout all of it!

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