Garden of the Gods Foundation Letter – 2022

Have you visited the Visitor and Nature Center this year? If you have then you’ve probably noticed the road construction taking place to improve traffic flow to the park on 30th Street through the inclusion of our new roundabout at 30th Street and Gateway Road.  Access to the Visitors Center is available from Garden of the Gods Road and traveling south on 30th Street.  We all have high hopes that once the project is completed this May, it will be easier than ever for visitors to enjoy the Visitor & Nature Center and the park.

The construction has reduced our visitation, but activities are as abundant as ever with new programs to educate guests about the park.  We’ve had a lot of interest in this year’s programming, which has made great use of the Visitor Center’s Red Rocks Room to double as both an activity space and an art gallery showcasing the work of local creatives.

It is through our partnership with the Visitor & Nature Center that the Foundation raises funds to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of the Garden of the Gods Park. By gathering resources and providing grants that enhance and protect the Park, the Garden of the Gods Foundation and the Visitor Center are united in our dedication to maintaining the beauty of this remarkable National Natural Landmark. 

Every year, we count on you, our supporters, to help us achieve our goals. Whether you are providing time, resources, or donations, your contributions make a lasting difference to the park we all love and enjoy.

Over our 27 years together we have donated $5.2 million to the city for improvements to the Garden of the Gods Park.  This would not have been possible without you and your generous donations.

Thank you for your support of the Garden of the Gods Foundation in the past and please consider continuing your support this year.

Your contribution makes a difference.


Jan Martin

President of the Garden of the Gods Foundation

The Garden of the Gods Foundation Board of Trustees:

Ann Fetsch                          Mina Liebert                      Lyda Hill – Consulting Partner

Scott Hente                        Jan Martin                           Nancy Lewis – Trustee in Memoriam

Jax Hilaire                            Susan Pattee                      Don Hare – Visitor Center Manager

Dave Kast                            David Siegel                                       

David Kunstle                    Patrick Stephens                             

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